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Get Trained to be the Very Best at Your Game

We combine the science of sport performance and body mechanics with our creative process to increase your power, strength, speed and accuracy in the execution of your game.

50/50 Sports Performance is helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages that are interested in serious performance results. We take the scientific approach to training, nutrition, injury prevention and positive visualization, because it works. 50/50 is comprised of degreed professionals, who are also accomplished athletes in their own right.

  • Track & Field

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Lacrosse

  • Roller Derby

  • Skiing

  • Cycling

  • Adult Fitness

No Matter What Your Sport—
Sports Performance Training

We offer training to individual clients, school teams, professional athletes and groups of athletes who want to be committed to an on and off season training regimen.

We are the GO TO for onsite sports performance training across Colorado.  We have trainers and training relationships spanning from the Denver Metro area to the Western Slope. We also have a training team in the Hawaiian islands.