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The Legends of Sports Football Camp consist of individual Skill Positions. Each clinic is 8 hours, (4-2 Hour Sessions), with an Instructor that has come from youth sports, high school sports, college sports and most the professional level. These are Instructors who have been there and done that from dealing with success, failures and commitment.

Legends of Sports has partnered with Category 5 Sport which uses motion analysis software to improve your techniques, skills, and overall game.

We’ll analyze video of you in motion and provide step-by-step, detailed evaluations to pinpoint areas of weakness with scientific precision.

You’ll have the ability to watch your video repeatedly and be able to measure your improvement over time.

Our Camps include, but not limited to, the following position fundamentals:


  • Visualization
  • Proper mechanics of footwork, body position, and ball release
  • Physics of passing

Offensive Line

  • Stress on proper footwork
  • Recognition of fronts and Blitzes
  • Pass sets and punches

Defensive Line

  • Varying techniques for multiple alignments
  • Pass rush sequences
  • Controlling blockers


  • Shedding blockers
  • Pass coverage technique for man and zone coverage
  • Blitz technique

Defensive backs

  • Footwork
  • Route reading
  • Coverage techniques for man and zone coverage

Individual Positions are $135, includes Instructors and T-Shirt. See Registration/Schedule – Football Registration


Subject to change. All changes will be posted no later than June 12, 2014

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